Monday, January 30, 2006

Bodycocktail - Information Trials

Tom Furgas grooves, Zan voice & various yummy trickery. Includes the hit T.M.I.

ToFuZaHo - All Points Forward

All Points Forward, ZH27 530 from Spring 1998 is one of the finest works in my catalog. Excellent analog and digital space synth work by Tom deliciously complimented by a wide variety of organic, acoustic sound sources I've spent years gathering. I woke up one morning from a dream which was telling me which sound sources to use with this ToFu source, and so I wrote it down and started work on it that day. A few days later after meticulous editing and mixing, I produced this release.

ToFuZaHo - orchestraccordianza

The 1996 work orchestraccordianza - concerto for accordion and orchestra differs from any other work on this label. Tom composed an orchestral backing for my accordion, and I layered two levels of accordion works on top. What a curious and interesting work this has become.

ToFuZaHo - Mr. Lawn and Barb Chair

Mr. Lawn and Barb Chair is a tape from Summer 1990 and it is subtitled "To outloop Croiners in the anathema of his bones." Side one is contagious with ever changing loops and loops and loops. Engaging and involving. Side two has the same work with instrumental overdubs and additions. This is also a C-60.

ToFuZaHo - Gates of Thighs / Horns

Gates of Thighs / Horns is a work Tom compiled in 1992. On the first side Tom unleashes a mutant worm to chomp on enraged sound sources I sent him to use. Chomp, chomp, chomp, ouch! On the flip side a drunken horn battle takes place which will have you shaking your head, muttering 'unbelievable'.

EnDuration - Quarantine/Quietless

EnDuration is the name for two C-60's that show Tom in peak form of compositional use of sounds, noises, voices, rhythms, effects and aural imagery. I'm continually astounded and thrilled at these two tapes and am very proud both to be part of them and to be able to release them. Tom truly knows what he's doing and has spent considerable time and effort assembling these gems. Quarantine is a concept side with a terrific use of a B-Movie dialogue track while Quietless is restless and continually evolving, and almost danceable at points! It's is all very entrancing and rewarding listening entertainment.

EnDuration - MCMXC

MCMXC is a release from 1990 and also features sounds (mixed and arranged by Tom) by Chip Handy, John Oswald, Johkari Alex Nu-Jetson, Dan Fioretti, Nick, Tom McBride, Bill Lehman, Michele Lehman, Minóy and Lennart Östman. This was one of my favorite tapes of 1990 and I can't possibly say what a wonderful listening experience this tape provides.

ToFuZaHo - stop future plaza phones

All these collaborations with Tom Furgas (except orchestraccordianza) were composed and mixed by Tom using my sound sources. The first two are the earliest works Stoic Effulgent Azan Phonotype is more sound/texture oriented and Stop Future Plaza Phones is considerably more classical with use of woodwinds, horns, violins and keyboards.

ToFuZaHo - stoic effulgent azan phonotype